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  • The Best C Programming Course in Dubai

    The C Programming course is intended to introduce candidates to simple but effective method of learning C Language.

  • The Art of C Programming

    A nationally-recognised course from Al Mihad Training Center, for people who would like a career in the IT Programming sector.

Programming Skills Training in UAE

This course is designed for those who would like to develop programs in C, one of the most widely used computer language. To join this course no specific knowledge is required. Just the logical understandiung is enough!! And it would advantageous if you know any other higher level program language.

This course outlines the program structure of C programs, the preprocessor and the data types, storage classes, operators and control flow constructions of C. Also functions and the different types of parameters will be handled. Special attention will be paid to pointer understanding and the dynamic allocation of memory. Finally the C standard library will be explained.

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