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This course will lead the Learner to a career path in Print Media industry in which s/he will be engaged in designing of Advertisements, Brochures, Newspaper layouts, Book Designing etc. At the end of the course, the Learner will gain competencies to appear for the International Certification: Adobe Certified Expert – InDesign


The Academic Approach of the course focuses on the “work-centric” education i.e. begin with work (and not from a book !), derive knowledge from work and apply that knowledge to make the work more wholesome, useful and delightful.


The course is available in English.


After doing this course, a learner can become a Print media designer or a DTP artist. Thus, this course opens the door to various career opportunities.


The ultimate objective is to empower the Learner to engage in socially useful and productive work. It aims at leading the learner to his/her rewarding career as well as development of the society.


MKCL will provide world-class interactive eLearning content at no extra cost.


Skills: The Working Place, Customizing, Image and Color Modifications, Tools, Using the Brush and Paint, Working with Selections, Scaling, Knowing the Layers, Getting Creative with Types, Masks, Filter Gallery, Playing with Palettes

Outputs: Book Cover, Book Inner Layout, Magazine Cover, Magazine Inner Layout, Brochure, Flyer, Poster, Visiting Card, Wedding Card, Coupon

Skills: Working Place, Customizing, Tools, Layer and layer options, Pen, Pencils, and Paths Using the Brush and Paint, Specialized Tools, Getting Creative with Types, Using the Symbols, Designing Graphics, Effects and Filters, Playing with Palettes

Outputs: Gift Voucher, Recipe Book, News Paper Article, News Paper Advertisement, Preschool, and primary Workbook

Skills: Creating and Viewing a Document, Managing Pages, and Books, Managing Text, Formatting, Working with Objects, Working with Points and Paths, Case Study- Book Cover, Applying and Managing Colors, Working with Tables, Working with Styles, Printing and Outputting a Document, Setting Preferences

Outputs: Story books, Wall Calendar, Newsletter, Maps, Menu Card, Magazine Cover Page

Detailed Syllabus:
  • Adobe Photoshop

    • Basics of Photoshop
    • The Working Place
    • Customizing
    • Image and Color Modifications
    • Tools
    • Using the Brush and Paint
    • Working with Selections
    • Scaling
    • Knowing the Layers
    • Getting Creative with Types
    • Masks
    • Filter Gallery
    • Playing with Palettes
    • Practice
  • Adobe Illustrator

    • Basics of Illustrator
    • Introduction
    • The Working Place
    • Customizing
    • Tools
    • Practice Exercise
    • Layer and layer options
    • Pen, Pencils and Paths
    • Using the Brush and Paint
    • Specialized Tools
    • Getting Creative with Types
    • Using the Symbols
    • Designing Graphics
    • Effects and Filters
    • Playing with Palettes
    • Exporting
  • Adobe InDesign

    • Getting Started
    • Creating and Viewing a Document
    • Managing Pages and Books
    • Managing Text
    • Formatting Text
    • Placing and Working with Graphics
    • Working with Objects
    • Managing and Transforming Objects
    • Working with Points and Paths
    • Applying and Managing Colors
    • Working with Tables
    • Working with Styles
    • Finalizing Document
    • Exporting Document
    • Printing and Outputting a Document
    • Setting Preferences
120 Hours to be covered in either 2 months (8 weeks) or 3 months (12 weeks).