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An Excel Expert is a person who collects, organizes, and analyzes data. S/He is also involved in finding, editing and analyzing data, creating databases and writing reports with conclusions. There are various techniques of data analysis, which an excel expert must understand in order to perform efficiently.

Why take admission?

An Excel Expert would work in a team of Database Administrator, Database Developer and System Administrator. S/He may work in educational institutes, IT industries and corporate.


An Excel Expert should be proficient in Spreadsheet applications. S/He should know how to perform calculations using the contents of multiple cells, and be familiar with Excel formulas. S/He should be able to present complex information in an understandable and compelling manner.


Monetary compensation:

A fresher can draw up to Rs. 1.5 – 2. 5 Lacs p.a.


An Excel Expert is an integral member of the Database Team. S/He is a key contributor on assigned projects, working proactively and independently.



Apply Custom Data Formats, Use Advanced Fill Options, Apply Advanced Conditional Formatting and Filtering, Use Form Controls, Apply Custom Styles and Templates, Prepare Workbooks for Internationalization, Mathematical Functions, Look up data by using functions, Apply advanced date and time functions, Functions for Manipulating Text, Merge Scenarios, Create Scenarios, Use Area, Scatter & Stock Charts, Create Custom Chart Templates, Manage Workbook Versions, Copy Macros between Workbooks, Protect Workbooks for Sharing


Event Expenses, Exam Record, Planner, to do List, Database, Monthly Budget, Agenda, Receipt, Inventory

Detailed Syllabus:

Apply Custom Formats and Layouts

  1. Apply Custom Data Formats
  2. Use Advanced Fill Options
  3. Apply Advanced Conditional Formatting and Filtering
  4. Apply Custom Styles and Templates
  5. Use Form Controls
  6. Prepare Workbooks for Internationalization
  7. Use Outlines
  8. Use Custom Views

Create advanced formulas

  • Functions
  • Apply functions in formulas
  • Mathematical Functions
  • Financial functions
  • Useful Data Functions
  • Some Other Useful Functions
  • Look up data by using functions
  • Apply advanced date and time functions
  • Functions for Manipulating Text
  • Arrays

Use Scenarios

  • Use What-If Analysis Tools
  • Create Scenarios
  • Merge Scenarios
  • Create Scenario Summaries
  • Use Data Tables

Create Advanced Charts

  • Basic Excel Charts
  • Use Area, Scatter & Stock Charts
  • Use Surface, Radar & Combination Charts
  • Create Custom Chart Templates
  • Work with Sparkline’s

Pivot tables & charts

  • PivotTables
  • Use Pivot Charts

Manage and Share Workbooks

  • Manage Workbook Versions
  • Copy Styles between Workbooks
  • Copy Macros between Workbooks
  • Use Track Changes and Comments
  • Merge Workbooks
  • Protect Workbooks for Sharing
  • Connect To External Data

120 Hours to be covered in either 2 months (8 weeks) or 3 months (12 weeks).

Option 1

  • Option 1
  • Type: 2 Month Part Time
  • Weeks: 8
  • Days per Week: 5
  • Hours per Day: 3
  • Total Hours: 120

Option 2

  • Option 2
  • Type: 2 Month Part Time
  • Weeks: 8
  • Days per Week: 6
  • Hours per Day: 2.5
  • Total Hours: 120

Option 3

  • Option 3
  • Type: 3 Month Part Time
  • Weeks: 12
  • Days per Week: 5
  • Hours per Day: 2
  • Total Hours: 120